East Village, Lower East Side & China Town

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Hello, my name is Laurène and I will be your tour guide of the popular neighborhoods of New York.
This tour will immerse you in the history of one of New York's long-most populous areas.

East Village and:
• The traces of its immigrants from Eastern Europe
•  Anecdotes from Alphabet City
• Punk / Rock music and artistic scene
• Community gardens and new hipster cafes
• Murals of the greatest current artists

Lower East Side and:
• The history of its Yiddish theaters and synagogues
•  The hidden underground bars whose secrets I reveal to you
•  Art galleries and street art
•  Latino district of Loisada which makes you want to dance
•  Tenements (popular housing) and the history of its first families

Chinatown and:
• Gangs
• The rivalry with Little Italy
• The 5 Points area
• Exotic markets
• Buddhist temples


Laurene Hamilton
East Village, Lower East Side, The 5 points
  • East Village 
  • Art Galleries
  • Street Art
  • Lower East Side
  • Punk / Rock music and artistic scene
  • The 5 Points area
  • Buddhist temples



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