Soho, Pequena Itália e o Bairro Chines

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Soho, Pequena Itália e o Bairro Chines  

Se os EUA são o caldeirão dos imigrantes que vieram para cá ao longo dos anos, então foi Nova York que acendeu a chama na “Grande Macã”.

Convido vocês a vir e se impressionar com a cultura especial criada aqui em Nova York, no Soho, a Pequena Itália e o Chinatown. Vamos embarcar juntos nesta jornada fascinante nesses bairros e veremos as diferenças entre eles e a identidade particular que se desenvolveu neles. Onde no mundo vocês poderão passear de bairro para bairro numa caminhada de 20 minutos?

Iremos caminhar juntos pelas ruas da Pequena Itália e durante a caminhada vamos sentir os cheiros das várias comidas e da atmosfera autentica, tão única deste bairro.

Iremos focar na Rua do Morango – chamada em inglês de Mulberry St., uma rua com uma rica história de imigrantes italianos que começaram suas vidas nos EUA no final do século 19 e início do século 20. Nesta rua poderemos encontrar uma grande variedade de massas de diferentes tipos, pasteis doces do tipo “cannoli” e, claro, o famoso “gelato” italiano. 

Por último, caminharemos em direção ao distrito chines, ou ao que é conhecido na língua popular como a Chinatown de Nova York. No passado, essa área era o enclave chines no hemisfério ocidental. Neste bairro vocês poderão apreender muito sobre as guerras existenciais dos primeiros imigrantes chineses que chegaram a Nova York pela Costa Oeste. As violentas batalhas das gangues “Tong” e outros capítulos negros da história escura de Nova York.

SoHo, Little Italy and Chinatown.
  • The King of Soho
  • Louis K. Meisel Gallery
  • National Geographic Gallery 
  • LIK Fine Art Studio 
  • Eden Fine Art Gallery 
  • Lumas Photography Gallery
  • Canal Street
  • The Old NYPD headquarter 
King of SoHo
The King of Soho

72 Greene Street is a stunning, five story building that is perfectly perched in SoHo. With soaring, arched windows and elegant columns flanking every floor of the building.
Built in 1900 and with ten units in the building, 72 Greene Street finds itself having a mix of residential and commercial. Four of the units in 72 Greene Street are residential, leaving the rest for commercial endeavors.

K Gallery_SoHo
Louis K. Meisel Art Gallery

Louis K. Meisel (born 1942 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American author, art dealer and proponent of the photorealist art movement, having coined the term in 1969. He is also the owner of one of the earliest art galleries in SoHo at 141 Prince Street.

Lik fine art studio
LIK Fine Art Studio 

It doesn’t get any more New York than this. LIK Fine Art Soho matches its famous surroundings with an interior of simple black & white tones, keeping all of the focus on Peter Lik’s display of fitting, raw imagery. World famous local icons, such as Empire, remind the viewer of the city’s amazing architectural and historical significance, while a collection of stunning photographs offers an escape beyond its metropolis walls.

Lumas Photography Gallery

New York City is all about thrilling and unique experiences, which is why the Big Apple was the perfect place for LUMAS to open its first U.S. Gallery. SoHo, the once avant-garde but now legendary district, has been home to LUMAS New York since November 2006.

Eden Art Gallery SoHo
Eden Art Gallery in SoHo

Since its foundation in 1997 by Cathia Klimovsky, Eden Gallery has evolved into a global network of high-end art galleries representing a selection of international artists, each with a uniquely modern approach to creation. Collectively, Eden artists represent and promote contemporary optimism and a colorful view of life.

Canal Street
Canal Street - China Town

Canal Street is a major east–west street of over 1 mile (1.6 km) in Lower Manhattan, NYC. Running from East Broadway between Essex  and Jefferson Streets in the east, to West Street between Watts and Spring Streets in the west. It runs through the neighborhood of Chinatown, and forms the southern boundaries of SoHo and Little Italy as well as the northern boundary of Tribeca. 


It was built in 1905–1909, and was designed by the firm of Hoppin & Koen. 240 Centre housed the headquarters of the N.Y Police Department from 1909 to 1973, and was converted into a luxury co-op building in 1988 by the firm of Ehrekranz Group & Eckstut. It is now known as the Police Building Apartments

Ferrara Bakery
Ferrara Bakery

Ferrara Bakery and Cafe, established in 1892 by Antonio Ferrara, claims to be America's first espresso bar. It is located in Little Italy, Manhattan, New York City and offers Italian delicacies. Ferrara has remained a family owned business since its inception and is operated at its original location on Grand Street by the family's fifth generation of bakers. Many of their items can also be purchased through their website and shipped throughout the United States.

Audrey Hapburn
Audrey Hepburn Graffiti Art

Brooklyn Street Artist Tristan Eaton installed a mural of Audrey Hepburn in Mulberry St, Little Italy on a wall belonging to Caffe Roma.
Location: 176 Mulberry St, New York.

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